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At the Miami Global Business Club, we treat each member as a priority, committing to facilitating your expansion and prosperity in the competitive global business landscape. Join us and become part of an elite community of visionary entrepreneurs who share your aspirations and commitment to excellence.

Bronze Membership:

Bronze membership is designed for individuals who wish to be part of the club. Beyond the benefits expressed through our social networks, including training, mentoring, and events, we want to highlight that relationships are one of our greatest strengths. These relationships serve to gather insights on current issues, discover interesting businesses, and, especially, provide solutions to unusual situations where a helping hand is needed.

Silver Membership:

Silver membership is designed for companies that wish to include up to three (3) senior officers to represent them at meetings and events. In addition to the benefits expressed through our social networks, we emphasize that relationships are fundamental. These relationships not only serve to gather ideas and discover valuable businesses but also to open doors and find solutions to exceptional situations where a helping hand is needed.

Gold Membership:

Gold membership is designed for corporations that wish to leverage the collective knowledge of our board to improve efficiency or grow their businesses. In addition to the benefits of Silver membership, it offers a package of monthly hours for assessments and mentoring, along with entry for up to three (3) members. As in the previous memberships, we highlight that relationships play a key role in gathering ideas, discovering opportunities, and finding unusual solutions.

Platinum Membership:

Platinum membership is intended for individuals, companies, or corporations wishing to provide special support to the club through sponsorship, contributing to our growth and mutual benefit. With the same benefits as Gold membership, Platinum membership offers exclusive brand visibility in our literature, events, and other relevant places. At events, you will enjoy a privileged position.

Founding Angel Platinum Membership:

The Founding Angel Platinum membership goes further, offering extraordinary support to the club through special sponsorship. In addition to the benefits of Platinum membership, members at this level will be part of our permanent advisory board, contributing to strategic decisions and the sustainable growth of the club.

  • Bronze Membership

    Every year
    Access to exclusive events and networking opportunities.
  • Silver Membership

    Every year
    Benefits of Bronze membership extended to multiple employees in your company. Membership.
  • Gold Membership

    Every year
    Benefits of Bronze membership, plus access to premium events and personalized advice on branding and
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