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About Us

Miami Global Business Club

Security and reliability among the members of the Miami Global Business Club are the cornerstones of our management principles.

The added value provided by Miami Global Business Club is based on the exclusive network of connections achieved through years of proven experience by its members, who possess a solid track record in international public relations. It is essential to emphasize that our community and its connections represent the prestigious top 1% of the global business ecosystem. This elite ensures that by joining the Miami Global Business Club, our associates immerse themselves in a circle of excellence in the business world, creating spaces for growth and empowerment.

Security is the greatest value we guarantee in managing negotiation processes, thanks to meticulous and rigorous data verification, due process, and a thorough financial analysis of each business we advise, forming the foundation of our transparency philosophy.

Furthermore, our commitment to business owners is to provide them with direct and privileged access to potential investors, accompanied by tailored proposals that are technically and financially adapted to the specific needs of each project.

Miami Global Business Club

Miami Global Business Club

Miami Global Business Club

Miami Global Business Club

Miami Global Business Club

Our Mision

Our Vision

Facilitating the path for entrepreneurs from Ibero-America and Europe seeking to grow, expand, relocate, or acquire businesses in the United States. We also support those in the United States who wish to sell or resize their companies.

We provide a comprehensive platform that enhances international business activities, with a focus on connection, advice, and strategic empowerment.


Our commitment is to deliver high-quality services that create exceptional business opportunities while ensuring transparency and trust for all our partners and clients.

We aim to be pioneers in a different approach to mergers and acquisitions.


We advocate for a more humane, equitable, and fair way where not only genuine win-win relationships are achieved but also where we contribute to the social development of our areas of influence.

We provide invaluable connections, expert advice, and unparalleled business opportunities. Emerging as a cutting-edge networking and business platform specifically designed for entrepreneurs from Ibero-America, Europe, and the United States looking to expand, relocate, or acquire businesses in the dynamic U.S. market. 

Exclusivity and trust: our pillars.

At Miami Global Business Club, we distinguish ourselves as an exclusive club accessible only by invitation, specializing in business interconnection. Our essence goes beyond that of a conventional business club; we focus on fostering a fundamental value: 'Our pillar is trust.' This principle reflects our commitment to forging strong and lasting relationships built on mutual trust.


Trust forms the foundation of each of our interactions, whether advising on the purchase or sale of businesses, developing strategies for market penetration, or during our networking and training sessions. For us, trust is not simply an added value; it is the foundation upon which our entire business community is built and grows.

Miami Global Business Club

Discover a team that thrives on pushing boundaries and breaking through conventional limits. Whether you're looking to revitalize your brand, launch a groundbreaking campaign, or innovate in your industry, our creative minds are poised to take you on an exhilarating journey.

Our Management


Ramon R. Crespo III has dedicated his career to guiding companies towards ethical, effective, and efficient success. As an entrepreneur and business developer with extensive experience in transformation, business growth, strategy, implementation, digital transformation, marketing, and financial analysis, he faced a crucial challenge in 2008 by transforming the family business into a corporate structure and diversifying its portfolio with various complementary ventures.


Today, he supports other owners in overcoming obstacles and growing their businesses. As an expert in investment, innovation, and business development, he is constantly seeking new opportunities to help other investors achieve success. His vast experience and skills in strategy, tactical execution, and public relations are key assets that drive business growth.


Through his commitment to excellence, integrity, and reliability, he aspires to be the trusted partner his friends and associates need to achieve their goals.

Ramon Crespo Escobedo

Managing Partner

Ramon Crespo Morles is a visionary entrepreneur whose business journey began by purchasing a restaurant in Los Angeles at the age of 18. In 1972, he established a modest transportation business in Colombia, which grew over five decades.


Over the years, he has created, acquired, and sold dozens of companies, establishing himself as a business leader. His strong public relations skills have opened doors in various fields, ranging from politics to business, social, and economic spheres. This entrepreneur has made his mark not only in logistics but also in industries such as alternative energy, construction, and food, both in Colombia and the United States.


His commitment is reflected not only in his business achievements but also in his involvement as a member and, at times, an official, on both government and private boards. With a solid commitment to acting with integrity and effort at every step, this entrepreneur is a reference in the business world, standing out for his strategic vision and sustainable success. His inspiring story and significant impact in various sectors position him as an exemplary leader in the business world.

Ramon Crespo Morles

Board Member and Public Relations Officer

Javier is an experienced professional whose impact extends globally. As the former Regional Director for the Andean Region at Nortel Networks, he led the telecommunications infrastructure in Colombia, Peru, Venezuela, Ecuador, and Panama, distinguishing himself as a leader with a deep understanding of international markets.


In his current role as Vice President of Strategic Management and International Markets at Readix Technologies, he continues to shape the future of technology, leading advancements in Telecommunications, Internet of Things, and Sensor Networks. Javier's innovation and leadership align with the ethos of our business matchmaking club, ensuring due diligence and financial analysis while providing a forward-looking vision.

Javier Abuabara

Board Member, Strategist

María Teresa Mackelburg is the President of the Confederation of Colombians Abroad and an active advocate for the Colombian community abroad through her work at the Únete Latino Foundation.

Additionally, she is an alumna of the Universidad de la Sabana.

María Teresa Mackelburg

Board Member

Andrés Saavedra Camerano is an experienced executive with a distinguished career in the financial and corporate world. Currently serving as the CEO at Waarde Investment Bank since September 2016, he has been instrumental in leading the company.


Additionally, he holds the position of CFO at Corporación Politécnico de la Costa Atlántica since May 2021, contributing to the financial management of the institution.


Previously, he played key roles such as CEO at Sutec S.A. in Argentina and Executive VP - CFO at Sutec Holding LLC in Latin America, showcasing his ability to lead and make strategic decisions in diverse corporate and financial environments. He is also a member of various boards in the real sector.

Andrés Saavedra

Board Member, Financial Structures

Ramon J. Jesurun, the creator and CEO of Fütness, is also the executive producer of the television show "Sueño Fútbol," which aired in Colombia and 21 countries across Latin America. Several participants from the reality show are now part of various professional football teams, and Ramon conducted one of the largest football scouting calls in Colombia.


In 2018, in Miami, Florida, he developed his innovative training methodology called Fütness, focusing on building champion mindsets. Ramon studied International Business at Suffolk University in Boston, Massachusetts, and later pursued a Master's in International Relations at Universidad Javeriana in Bogotá.


He has also completed various courses in physical, personal, and nutritional training. His profound passion for soccer led him to establish his own ventures and companies in the sports and fitness industry, with a primary focus on motivating, inspiring, and empowering others.

Ramon De Jessurum

Board Member and Public Relations Officer

Juan Alberto Castro is the Senior Managing Partner of Go-For Advisors SAS, where he leads strategic consulting and lobbying for Colombia, the Andean region, Central America, and the Caribbean.


Additionally, he serves as the Executive Director of the Colombian Association of Liquor Companies and as a member of the Investment Committee of AXON Private Equity. With a vast trajectory, he has held prominent positions in companies such as Thomson Reuters, D'vinni S.A, Linzor Capital Partners, and Grupo LEGIS, among others.


He is a Lawyer graduated from the Pontifical Javeriana University of Bogotá, with studies in Financial Management and General Management at internationally recognized institutions.

Juan Alberto Castro

Board Member and Public Relations Officer

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